Team Member

Brimming with passion and personality, a Nando’s Team Member puts everything they have into everything they do, helping create those unforgettable customer experiences.

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While it may be entertaining to watch you try to grill 100 chickens in your first hour in the kitchen, that’s not how we do things. Instead, you’ll start as a Trainee Team Member and we’ll teach you pretty much everything you need to know about restaurant life. Then it’s about taking on a specific role. There are plenty of them. But forget everything you know about being a waiter or waitress. We don’t do things the same way everyone else does around here.  And don’t expect to stay in the same role forever, as we’re all about learning new skills and developing. Where you go next is up to you.

To join us as a Team Member, simply pop into the Nando’s you hope to call home from home, and speak to the General Manager about any current or upcoming job vacancies.

  • Grillers

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    Keeping our customers coming back for more by grilling the PERi-PERi goodness we’re famed for. Think of yourself as a Kitchen Assistant with the skills of a flame-thrower. One who obeys all health and safety laws.

  • Hosts

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    First impressions are lasting impressions at Nando’s. Our hosts greet our customers at the door and show them to the best seats in the house.

  • Cashiers

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    Taking the order, exchanging the money and making sure our customers get everything they want. Nando’s-wise that is.

  • Co-ordinators

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    Making sure our PERi-PERi goodness is perfect every time it hits the table, before anyone has even had the time to decide on what came first – the chicken or the egg?

  • Buddies

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    Our Buddies have been there, done it and worn the apron. They know everything there is to know about being a Team Member, so their role is to pass on all their knowledge and skill to everyone else within the team.

  • Supervisors

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    Helping run the shifts, looking after fellow Team Members and doing the things that get the best out of everyone. It’s a great step up for any ambitious Team Member looking to prove themselves.